Asphalt Geosynthetics

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Reflective cracking can affect asphalt overlays for a number of reasons. The most common of these include roads or paved areas with fatigue cracks, trench reinstatements, concrete expansion joints and subsidence.

An effective solution is to place a Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI) in the pavement construction to delay the onset of reflective cracking and extend the life of the pavement.

A SAMI usually consists of a bitumen-impregnated fabric that absorbs the stresses at the end of a crack thereby retarding the onset of reflective cracking. If the crack is eventually transmitted through the SAMI, the bitumen provides a waterproof layer, as required by BSEN15581, to protect the lower levels of road construction.


Asphalt Geosynthesics

Composite geosynthetics provide reinforcement in varying tensile strengths to the road construction in addition to the SAMI effect of the bitumen impregnated fabric. As the UK’s oldest and most experienced supplier and installer of geotextiles and composites for asphalt overlay, clients can be sure that they are receiving the very best service. The first applicator, which was designed and built for FCL in 1993, has become the industry standard for laying geosynthetics in the UK.

For the bond coat we spray straight run 160/220 bitumen, or 100/150 bitumen in warm weather, in preference to emulsions to ensure instant adhesion and efficient installation.

The paving process commences immediately after the geosynthetic is laid. We have bitumen distributors reserved solely for the task of spraying 160/220 bitumen, these are tested annually for conformance with BS1707 to ensure the correct distribution of bond coat.

Geosynthetic manufacturers Tensar International Ltd stress the importance of their products being installed correctly and for this reason they have entrusted the installation to FCL. However, exceptionally for small areas we can supply geosynthetics for installation by others and in particular we offer Tensar’s Glasstex Patch 880 designed specifically for easy self-installation.

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Disclaimer:The weight load distribution performance of Asphalt Geosynthetics also known as Geo Grids and Geo Synthetics is subject solely to ground conditions, weight and type of vehicle or plant. Foster Contracting Ltd always recommends that a site survey be carried out to determine weight loading and ground conditions. Foster Contracting Ltd, its agents or employees are not liable for any damage to existing ground or property through the use of Asphalt Geosynthetics. Asphalt Geosynthetics should not be confused with effective, but imported, products like Bodpave, Netlon, Netpave, Ecogrid, Gridforce, Grasstrax, GTTrax, SCS Integra, Hoofmark, Geogrid, Golpa, Perfo, Terragrid, Ritter, GroundGuard, Nidagravel, GrassProtecta, Farmura Matrix or ADPave.