Surface Dressing Backup

Our surface dressing service complements our extensive range of road and runway services allowing our clients to achieve an attractive, safe and durable finish on any project.

With our long experience of surface dressing we continue to offer this cost effective maintenance service on sites in London and East Anglia.


Industry leaders with more than 50 years experience.

Surface Dressing

FCL is a long established surface dressing contractor with over half a century of experience. In 1995 we successfully completed the first ever Highways Agency end performance surface dressing contract, on the A120, Parkeston Quay. Our managing director, Tom Foster, was chairman of the Road Surface Dressing Association (now part of RSTA) from 1993 to 1995.

Although we no longer normally carry out surface dressing on public highways we are pleased to undertake work on private sites such as car parks, farm and estate roads, industrial estates and large driveways. However, owing to the substantial mobilisation costs of surface dressing equipment and labour, we normally restrict our surface dressing activities to the London and East Anglian region.

Our vast experience has resulted in the creation of our very own quality system. The stringent processes and guidelines that we have put in place set us apart from our competitors and guarantee the very best results for our clients.

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Disclaimer:The weight load distribution performance of Asphalt Geosynthetics also known as Geo Grids and Geo Synthetics is subject solely to ground conditions, weight and type of vehicle or plant. Foster Contracting Ltd always recommends that a site survey be carried out to determine weight loading and ground conditions. Foster Contracting Ltd, its agents or employees are not liable for any damage to existing ground or property through the use of Asphalt Geosynthetics. Asphalt Geosynthetics should not be confused with effective, but imported, products like Bodpave, Netlon, Netpave, Ecogrid, Gridforce, Grasstrax, GTTrax, SCS Integra, Hoofmark, Geogrid, Golpa, Perfo, Terragrid, Ritter, GroundGuard, Nidagravel, GrassProtecta, Farmura Matrix or ADPave.